about fouka
Think to home …… enjoy it !!

Fouka, the splicer of wood and man, thinks about your comfort!

We think about all locations of your home, and we know how you would enjoy of the fellowship, eating, watching TV and sleeping….

Being big or small place in not a matter! we are ready to converting your home to a pleasant and enjoyable place In accordance with your style and your desire….Art, wood, fabric, comfort, Fouka

In 2013, after presence in the field of produce for several years and collecting of the top brands of home furniture, we’ve established “Fouka furniture department” with a new approach of being as the biggest furniture department in the north of the country

Fouka department is a multi-storey building with a separated top brand of foreign modern furniture, classic furniture; the best of Iranian modern furniture, bedroom sets, and accessories.

Our ultimate goal is creating a safe space for your selection and tries to response to the tastes and the requirements of the modern way of Iranian life.

Fouka department’s activities would base on quality, beautiful design with convenient performance, after sale services and customer satisfaction.

Our designing and consulting team is also ready to advise you on the path of achieving your desire style.

In order to the satisfaction of you dear customers, Fouka department delivering your goods for free in all over the country and you can also get the benefits of a free furniture washing for one time by purchasing from Fouka.

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